We are passionate table tennis players who dream to see table tennis become a main stream sport in the UK for the health and well-being of players of all ages and abilities.

Our mission is to implement a structured table tennis learning system called HurricaneTT to encourage new players improve their skills, enjoy the sport and build new friendships. We hope to attract more players into the sport – growing table tennis from grassroots.

>> Click here to see the HurricaneTT Learning System <<

Will you journey with us and help us turn our dream into reality?

You can support us by registering as a HurricaneTT member here. A one-time registration fee is only £25. You will get a free HurricaneTT Shirt and a HurricaneTT Wristband to help promote our mission and you will also get 20% member’s discount when you buy table tennis equipment on  DHS-tt.uk.

>> Click here to register: HurricaneTT Member Registration <<

DHS-tt.uk is working with HurricaneTT to provide sponsorship for all table tennis players in UK. We have formulated below a simple model to sponsor as many players as possible sustainably:

  • Member: 20%
  • Team: 30%
  • Full Club: 40%
  • UKCC Coach: 40%
  • League, Competition: 40% – 50%
  • Ranked Player: 30% - 50%

Member: 20%
Anyone can become a member of HurricaneTT to support our work. Simply register with a one-time registration fee of £25 and you will get a HurricaneTT match shirt, a HurricaneTT Wristband and a 20% discount code as our sponsorship for you to buy anything on DHS-tt.uk (cannot be combined with other offers and excluding coaching courses which are provided by partnering coaches). HurricaneTT Shirt and Wristband are encouraged to be worn any training and competitions as often as possible to help promote HurricaneTT.

Team: 30%
You can also form a Hurricane team with your friends to play team matches in your area. Once all your team mates register as HurricaneTT supporters and your club agrees for your team to be sponsored by us, we ask you to name your team as a linking your club or area to HurricaneTT, for example the team name could be “Edinburgh Hurricanes”. You, your team mates and your club will then receive a 30% sponsorship for anything you buy from DHS-tt.uk. HurricaneTT Shirt and Wristband must be worn at all competitions where appropriate.

Club: 40%
If your club agrees for all the teams in the club to be named Hurricane teams, and all team players become HurricaneTT supporters, the club will receive 40% sponsorship. HurricaneTT Shirt and Wristband must be worn at all competitions where appropriate.

Coach: 40%
Once an UKCC Coach becomes a HurricaneTT supporter and implements HurricaneTT Learning System for all his coaching, he will receive 40% sponsorship. HurricaneTT Shirt and Wristband must be worn at all coaching sessions.

Leagues, Competitions: 40% – 50%
We will also provide equipment sponsorship for leagues, competitions and other events from 40% to 50% according to level and requirements.

Ranked Player: 30% – 50%
When a national ranked player of any category (U13, Cadet, U17, Junior, U21, Senior, Veteran, Para) becomes a HurricaneTT supporter, they will receive sponsorship according to their level:HurricaneTT shirt must be worn at all competitions when not representing another organisation where appropriate.

England (50m population)
Top 50 ranked player: 30%
Top 30 ranked player: 40%
Top 10 ranked player: 50%

Scotland (5m population)
Top 25 ranked player: 30%
Top 15 ranked player: 40%
Top 5 ranked player: 50%

Wales (3m population)
Top 20 ranked player: 30%
Top 10 ranked player: 40%
Top 3 ranked player: 50%

N. Ireland (2m population)
Top 20 ranked player: 30%
Top 10 ranked player: 40%
Top 3 ranked player: 50%

If a player is already under sponsorship of another table tennis brand, then the HurricaneTT membership would not conflict with their existing sponsorship. They can still use the discount code to buy DHS equipment and wear HurricaneTT shirt for appropriate activities such as training or friendly matches which are not restricted by their existing sponsorship. HurricaneTT Wristband must be work at all training and competitions.

HurricaneTT and DHS-tt.uk reserve the right to cancel the sponsorship of an individual or an organisation at anytime due to any disagreement or dispute of any kind. The sponsorship level of each individual will be determined by their National ranking at the time of placing an order. The sponsorship level of each coach will be determined by their National coaching license at the time of placing an order. Free delivery is not available with orders placed under sponsorship.

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