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Hurricane 3


Hurricane 3, with increased tackiness, is suitable for loop drive.

Hurricane 3 has been the best choice for almost all the Chinese players since the 2000 Olympic Games.

Hurricane 3 is designed for players who mainly adopt a controlled playing style or have relatively weak attack. The rubber can add strength and produce a long arc, which increases the ball control and exerts fast attack and loop drive close-to-table.

Hurricane 3 enhances the spin of 40+ Celluloid-Free T.T. balls.

Fitted play: Control/Loop

(Variations in brackets are available for special order.)

(Red/38/2.15)(Red/38/2.2)* Red/39/2.15(Red/39/2.2)* Red/40/2.15(Red/40/2.2)(Red/41/2.15)(Red/41/2.2)* Black/38/2.15(Black/38/2.2)* Black/39/2.15(Black/39/2.2)* Black/40/2.15(Black/40/2.2)(Black/41/2.15)(Black/41/2.2)

Hurricane 3 Neo


Powerful “NEO” sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber with special glutinosity could create stable and high-speed arc, improve the scoring ability of players. Hurricane 3 Neo has a high speed and low fast loop, changeful arc, stronger spin.

Neo rubber are Factory-Tuned
Neo rubber are pre-glued with VOC FREE glue on the back of sponge, when assembling to blade, only need to glue on blade.

Fitted play: Control/Loop

£21.00£29.00 28% Off
* Red/38/2.1(Red/39/2.1)* Red/39/2.15(Red/39/2.2)(Red/40/2.1)* Red/40/2.15(Red/40/2.2)(Red/41/2.1)(Red/41/2.15)(Red/41/2.2)(Black/38/2.1)(Black/39/2.1)* Black/39/2.15(Black/39/2.2)(Black/40/2.1)* Black/40/2.15(Black/40/2.2)(Black/41/2.1)(Black/41/2.15)(Black/41/2.2)
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