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HurricaneTT Academy

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A comprehensive course in structured modules to take you from basic to premier level of play.

Designed for all ages, new, improving and experienced players who wish to learn effective techniques to improve and enjoy their games!

Module 1: Basic
Grip: How to hold the bat correctly.
Strokes: Forehand drive, backhand drive, FH push, BH push.
Serve & Return: Basic serve & return.
Footwork: Shuffle step – sideways.
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 2: Basic +
Correct body position and body stance.
Strokes: FH topspin, BH topspin, FH block, BH block.
Serve & Return: Varied serves and returns.
Footwork: Varied footwork.
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 3: Intermediate
Grip: Maintain relaxed grip for all shot.
Strokes: FH loop, BH loop, smash, chops.
Serve & Return: Basic pendulum serve.
Footwork: Pivot, crossover.
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 4: Intermediate +
Position: Move according to where you play the ball.
Strokes: FH flick, BH flick, varied loop and chop.
Serve & Return: Varied pendulum serves.
Footwork: Various footwork pattern, Falkenberg
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 5: Advanced
Maintain leaning forward position. Maintain low body weight.
Strokes: FH dropshot, BH dropshot, power loop, loop to loop.
Serve & Return: Reverse pendulum, Tomahawk, Hooked.
Footwork: Serve and 3rd ball attack patterns
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 6: Advanced +
Grip: Switching between forehand grip and backhand grip.
Strokes: Loop kills, Fishing and lobbing, Round the net.
Serve & Return: Attack various serves, Banana flick, Strawberry flick.
Footwork: Wide movement against strong attackers and choppers.
Tactics and Psychology.

Module 7: Premier
Grip, position & posture: Master class – to be tailored with coach.
Strokes: To be tailored with coach.
Serve & Return: To be tailored with coach.
Footwork: To be tailored with coach
Tactics and Psychology: To be tailored with coach.

You can book hourly sessions. Each module may take several sessions to complete, depending on the player’s ability.

It is advisable to book an 1-hour session for a junior player and two-hour double session for a senior player.

Module 1 – 2: £15 per hour.
Module 3 – 4: £20 per hour.
Module 5 – 6: £25 per hour.
Module 7 : £30 per hour.

Concessions available – please enquire.

Venue: Edinburgh Sports Club, 7 Belford Place, Edinburgh EH4 3DH.

Select your preferred module, date and time.
We will send you an email to confirm.

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