Bi-Colour Balls (10 Pack)


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The Bi-Colour balls are designed in order to better judge the rotation trajectory of a ball, they are great for learning and understanding the spin on the ball, for use in coaching and training sessions. Two colours of hemisphere are combined into one. While the table tennis ball is under the high speed-movement, it will cause visual changing, which would increase the judgement on rotation. BI-colour ball was jointly developed by the Chinese Table Tennis Association (C.T.T.A.) and Double Happiness. They selected ABS as the material.


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DHS ABS D40+ Bi-Colour Balls

More resistant and not expensive

Acetate is a material imported by Double Happiness from the United States. Therefore, the cost of the product is high, which also leads to the price of ABS balls far exceeding celluloid.

DHS ball adopts the best ABS material, as a general-purpose ABS material, as long as the material is designed with a reasonable formula, it can be used as the best raw material for table tennis. Therefore, the raw materials of the top ball can be produced in China, and the high efficiency brought by the hot runner technology (the competition ball has nearly doubled), the price of the DHS ball has dropped to a reasonable price that is easy to promote in table tennis. The suggested retail price has reduced more than 50%.

Since the water absorption rate of the DHS ball is far less than that of celluloid, the deformation force of the ball is extremely small. Experimental data and trial data show that the durability of the top ball is twice that of celluloid.

If the DHS ball accidentally hits a sharp corner, it will not “explode”, and at most there will be slight marks on the collision.

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