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Hurricane 2


Hurricane 2 keeps the powerful style since Wang Liqin won the Olympic Games Championship in 2000. Hurricane 2 can create much higher speed and spin whilst maintaining stable control. In addition, it generates strong near-table offensive power to make the ball fly in a low arc which frustrates opponent’s defences.

Hurricane 2 enhances the spin of 40+ Celluloid-Free T.T. balls.

Fitted play: Quick-Attack/Loop

(Variations in brackets are available for special order.)

(Red/38/2.15)(Red/38/2.2)* Red/39/2.15(Red/39/2.2)(Red/40/2.15)(Red/40/2.2)(Red/41/2.15)(Red/41/2.2)(Red/42/2.15)(Red/42/2.2)(Black/38/2.15)(Black/38/2.2)* Black/39/2.15(Black/39/2.2)(Black/40/2.15)(Black/40/2.2)(Black/41/2.15)(Black/41/2.2)(Black/42/2.15)(Black/42/2.2)

Hurricane 2 Neo


Hurricane 2 Neo with Neo sponge breaks the limits of water based glue. This rubber has the famous power and control of classical Hurricane 2 and does not require a special tuning. It is recommended for varied fast loop attacks with low ball trajectory. Strategy – OFF.

* Red/39/2.15(Red/39/2.2)(Red/40/2.15)(Red/40/2.2)* Black/39/2.15(Black/39/2.2)(Black/40/2.15)(Black/40/2.2)
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